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Investigate the goals and Roles of Computer Forensics
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Part 1: Investigate an Employee Who Might Be a Hacker (5 points)

Provide a formal response to a senior manager of an organization. A private corporation suspects an employee is using password-cracking tools to gain access to other accounts. The accounts include employees in the Payroll and Human Resources departments. Write a two- to three-page paper outlining what steps to take, who should be involved, and what should be considered. Cite and reference the textbook and at least two other quality resources.

Part 2: Explore Companies That Specialize in Digital Forensics (5 points)

Evaluate organizations for an internal report to cyber practitioners and managers. Use a Web search engine to search for companies specializing in “digital forensics,” “cyber forensics,” and “computer forensics.” Select three such companies, and write a two- to three-page paper comparing what each company does, who its primary customers appear to be, their business focus, forensic roles, partnerships (if any), and how much respect they appear to receive from peers and customers.

Length: 4 to 6 pages


References: Include at least 10 references for each part of this assignment  

Books: Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations

Harbawi, M., & Varol, A. (2016). The role of digital forensics in combating cybercrimes...

How-To Geek. (2015). 5 ways to run Windows software on a Mac.


An insight into digital forensics branches and tools


The role of digital forensics in combating cybercrimes


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