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Whistle-blowing: A Exception to Employment-at-Will 2
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Using the topic -Whistle-blowing: A Exception to Employment-at-Will

Write a 5 to 7 page paper about the topic using the guidelines provided.   The cover page and reference page do not count as pages. Use APA format for the paper.

With the exception of the introduction, you must use the headings that are explained below, and the information must be presented in that same order. 


Provide a short introduction to the topic. Provide some background about the topic selected and why it was selected. Include definitions as necessary. Use more than one paragraph, if needed.

 Note:  Do not use the term Introduction for the heading,

 Article Review

Locate two scholarly articles related to your topic.  Summarize the articles in your own words and explain how each is related to your topic. Do not use court cases in this section. You must use scholarly articles from the Library. Legal journals may provide some of the best sources of information.  Westlaw Campus Research is a good option for finding legal information in law journals.

 Laws and Regulations

Research and analyze one law or regulation related to the topic you selected. The information may require research of federal and/or state laws, as well as administrative agency laws.  Summarize the information about the law or regulation you found and explain how it applies to your topic. 


Locate one published case (lawsuit)  that is related to the topic you selected.   Summarize the case in your own words and explain how it is related to your topic.  Provide a summary that includes the name of the case, state or federal court, issue, summary of events and ruling.  Explain whether you agree or disagree with the court’s decision.  Westlaw Campus Research is a great resource for finding specific state and federal cases.   You must read the case and not a summary of the case from a blog or other article.




  • Summarize what you have learned. Assess and communicate what you believe the future holds as it relates to your topic.
  • If applicable, discuss how you might apply what you've learned to your personal or professional life.
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