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Week 4 business
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Assignment 1: Initial Project Proposal

Due Week 4 and worth 100 points

Note: This is the first of three assignments which, as a whole, will cover all aspects of the project life cycle relevant to your selected project.

You have been selected to be the Project Manager (for a project of your choice). The project that you decide to use should meet the key criteria of a project, such as (a) having a beginning and an end; (b) results in something being delivered to someone; (c) requires a series of activities that must be done to complete the project; and (d) requires resources (e.g., people, materials) to complete the work. The project can be one of a personal or professional nature and must last for at least nine (9) months. NOTE: You are prohibited from using projects that can found on the Internet, including projects found in places like CourseHero. All project submissions are submitted to Safe Assign for review.


In Assignment 1, you will write a three to four (3-4) page paper, in which you define the scope of your chosen project. In your paper you must:

  1. Provide a brief summary of your chosen project.
  2. Describe at least two (2) project goals and two (2) project objectives.
  3. Describe the project structure that you will use to manage the project.
  4. Identify the key customer(s) and at least two (2) stakeholders for your project. Discuss their roles and their impact to the project. Remember, you are delivering the project to your customer(s); however, there are others (stakeholders) who have a vested interest in your project.
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    Assignment 1: Initial Project Proposal
    Project Proposal In this assignment, a summary will be provided along with three project goals and objectives of the chosen project. The key customer (s) and two stakeholders will be identified along with descriptions of three key milestones and a high-level timeline with tasks and deadlines included. This paper will consist of the es
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    Project Proposal
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