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Liberty University UNIV 104 preview 4 test |Rated A+
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Review Test Submission: Preview 4


User                    Tyree Fuller

Course                Fall 2016 UNIV 104

 Test                    Preview 4

No time limit

10 multiple­choice, true/false, and multiple­answer questions Unlimited attempts


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Question 1       1 out of 1 points

According to Professor Marrano, understanding your           can help you choose effective strategies for study.



Question 2       1 out of 1 points

The Math Assessment is given in two parts. Each student takes both parts of the test to earn completion points.



Question 3       1 out of 1 points

Based on what you heard from Professor Marrano in the overview presentation,

            , or a theory of adult learning, can help you understand yourself as a learner.





Question 4       1 out of 1 points

Two additional learning outcomes for this module/week include: Examine the basics of learning preferences

Identify personal learning style preferences and choose appropriate related strategies


Question 5       1 out of 1 points

According to what you see in the Assignments folder, how many assignments do you need to complete this module/week?



Question 6       1 out of 1 points

Learning outcomes for this module/week include (choose all that are correct):



Question 7       1 out of 1 points

What time do you need to allow to read the textbook chapter(s) this module/week?



Question 8       1 out of 1 points

There is no quiz with a chapter summary assignment due for this module/week.



Question 9       1 out of 1 points

The Reflection 2 assignment requires answers to questions on Chapters 7 and 8 of the Breaking Ground textbook.



Question 10     1 out of 1 points


Students can probably improve their score on the Math Assessment by reviewing/studying in advance.

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