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CCOU 202 Article Review 2 Complete Answers | Rated A+
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CCOU 202 Article Review 2 Complete Answers | Rated A+

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Issues of Christian Counseling

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Cultures and Worldviews

Ohlschlager & Clinton (2002) note that “trying to be culturally blind or color-blind diminishes the importance of unique differences in the client’s personality and lifestyle” (617). In fact, it is considered unethical to treat every culture and ethnicity in a uniform fashion in counseling. Research now indicates that different approaches and techniques may need to be utilized for each culture.


Using your textbook and 1 research journal article of your choosing (use the Liberty University Online library resources), answer the following questions about 1 of the following populations: African Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, or Native Americans.

•What are some of the key psychosocial issues for this population?

•What are some of the central therapeutic approaches?

•Examine your own prejudices and worldviews. How might this population be difficult for you to work with? Are there any psychosocial issues this population constitutes that may evoke an emotional reaction in you? If you do not foresee any challenges, explain why.

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