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Need someone STRONG IN PHILOSOPHY to read my paper and provide feedback
$ 10.00

I need someone who has a strong background in philosophy to read my completed essay on Judith Jarvis Thomson's article, "Defense of Abortion", and provide feedback so that I can make it stronger. I am attaching the completed paper and the article by Thomson. 

My stance is in defense of Thomson's argument. I AM NOT requesting for someone to re-write, just provide me with feedback (with possible suggestions) on how to make it stronger. I should note that the instructor says the paper MUST be 5 pages exactly, no more, no less so to add additional information is not feasible.

It is 12:07 pm my time (EST) and I need it by 3:00 pm (EST) so I need it in 3 hours if possible.

From Philosophy, General Philosophy Due on: 17 Apr, 2018 11:41:00 Asked on: 17 Apr, 2018 04:11:38
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