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SWK-771 Social Work With Indivduals
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Students will submit a final paper that is 18 pages including the references

Paper should include the following:

·         APA format

·         Discussion supported with theories and empirical supports with references included in document

·         Readings should be current and not more than 10 years old

Paper should address the following statements according to the question provided

A theory that would best assist a counselor or professional engage a six year who has behavior issues who responds by fighting, using profanity, and not knowing how to express or identify his/her feelings appropriately

1.       Discuss why the theory/mode is appropriate for the case

2.       Apply the model/ theory to the case demonstrating your ability to analyze and to implement the model in accordance to the relevant problem areas you intend to address

3.       Include in your discussion relevant empirical supports regarding the issues of the case and the case problems you intend to address

4.       Present your recommendations regarding the use of the model/theory as recommended for your case including the strengths and limitations that you encounter

5.       Discuss your strategy for handling any limitations that the model or theory was unable to handle including recommendations found in referred journals

6.       Include diversity issues in your discussion where appropriate and document with referred journals

7.       Address any human rights concern/research that are evident in case

Choose ONE of the theoretic approach that would best fit this case:

Task Center Theory

Behavior Theory

Play therapy

Art therapy

Children and Family Journals

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