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Patient satisfaction quality Improvement Project: Technologies
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For your Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project, write a 1,400- to 1,750-word report in which you will:

  • Explain the types of information technology systems you used to gather data.
    • Explain how the use of nursing informatics applies to your department or unit, and how it relates to your quality improvement initiative.
    • Evaluate the influence of information technology on patient care.
      • Does it improve patient care?
      • How much nursing time does technology take away from patient care?
      • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of barcoding.
  • Analyze which systems contribute to the management and maintenance of change for the organization.
  • Analyze the Health and Medicine Division recommendations for integrated information systems (e.g., EpicCare, Cerner, ABELMed, FutureNet, or other system).
  • Determine other types of applications of technology, other than the electronic medical record system, to implement the quality improvement project.

Cite and reference all sources.

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