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SWK 730-Differential Assessment
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Students will be assigned a DSM-5 disorder (Clinical Entity) and will prepare a Power Point presentation for the class on this topic (Power Point preferred)


Disorder: Neurocognitive Disorder addressing the following:

·         Alzheimer’s

·         Traumatic Brain Injury

·         HIV Infection

·         Parkinson’s Disease

·         Huntington Disease




  1. Describe the disorder in detail (symptoms, behaviors associated with the disorder).
  2. Stage of usual onset and give age/phase in the life cycle when the incidence is highest, give data relative to prevalence, sex ratio, familial pattern, racial and ethnic distributions.
  3. List the major resources for intervention
  4. Support the presentation with an adequate bibliography (must be recent and from the professional literature beyond the texts).
  5. Provide an Outline and Bibliography for your instructor


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