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HR Plan for an Organizational Strategy
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For this homework assignment, you will develop a supporting human resource (HR) plan for an organizational strategy. In a paper of three to four pages (750-1000 words) of text, offer your ideas for a promising HR assignment, development plan, and sustainment plan to support the strategy of an organization expanding to open offices in sub-Sahara Africa. Drawing from appropriate sources, develop a scenario that provides the business of the organization, identify how much expansion is taking place, and identify the countries in which the expansion is taking place. 

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    Human Resource Development Plan
    Human Resource Development Plan Name Institution   Human Resource Development Plan The paper seeks to address the strategies used by a firm in its plight to try and harmonize the operations in the human resource department while trying to expand its business operations into the Sub-Saharan part of Afri
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    HR Plan for an Organizational Strategy
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