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The purposes of this assignment are to:

• Demonstrate proper use of current APA format in a term paper.
• Demonstrate proper use of one of the research methods studied in this course—specifically, the case study.
• Reflect on what you have learned in this course.
• Reflect on the course content as critiqued from a biblical, Christian perspective.

Instructions: Using a case study approach, write a 4–8-page research-based paper using yourself as the research subject by answering the assigned research questions:

• What have you learned about research at an introductory level?
• How do you evaluate or critique this from a biblical, Christian perspective?

You will use the APA skills that you honed during Module/Week 3, the case study skills you developed in Module/Week 5, and all the content you studied throughout all the modules/weeks of this course. Current APA format needs to be demonstrated in all aspects of this assignment.

Your paper must include a properly-formatted title page, 4–8 pages of content with proper citations and levels of headings, and a reference page. Be sure to cite enough references to sufficiently support your paper. Maintain consistency between your citations and reference page.

Your assignment will be checked for plagiarism.

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    SYNTHESIS PAPER as discussed
    Synthesis Paper Liberty University Author Note xyz, Studying Crisis Psychology, Liberty University, Correspondence concerning this information should be addressed to Autumn D. Snider Studying Crisis Psychology, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, 24515 Email: When entering this class our objectives according to the syllabus, were to introduce us to the techniques of psychological research, to improve our understanding of how research is done and the methods used to do it, and to giv
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