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Organizational trends
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Write a 3-5 page report (Microsoft Word).

What are some of the current trends organizations face with mobile computing security and what are some of the remediation steps companies take to ensure data confidentiality and integrity?

Make sure you include the following:

  1. Include a summary paragraph/abstract at the beginning of the report.
  2. Include a conclusion at the end of the report.
  3. Include all references (books, websites, etc.) where you collected your information. 
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    CURRENT TRENDS IN ORGANIZATION MOBILE COMPUTING SECURITY I. Abstract The rapid growth in business technologies have exerted a technology-related strain on organizations to advance as well. This is to ensure that customers are served with better quality and faster service delivery operations. To achieve this, organizations have invested heavily in recent technologies to boost their operational efficiencies. One such system is the use of mobile business computing. The concept of computing generally refers to any specific activity which requires, benefits from or even creates processes in algorithm by use of computers with the aim of meeting a gi
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