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Research Methods I, SWK 697-52
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Practice Behaviors

Research Proposal

Competency 4 Engage in research-informed practice and practice-informed research

Use practice experience to inform scientific inquiry.


Use research evidence to inform practice

Write a 15 page paper outlining a research proposal that shows how you would create a research study to address a problem of significance to the social work profession.


Include the following components:

  • Introduction (2 pages). Write a statement explaining why your topic is about a serious problem. Include a “So What” statement showing how studying this topic will be a significant contribution
  • Literature review:  (2 pages). Develop three components showing the logic of the study:  “what we know”, “what we don’t know” and “what you will find out” (the gap in the literature). Be sure to explain how these three components hang together logically
  • Theoretical component: (1 page) Explain the theory that guides your study and state your research question that has grown from the literature.
  • Hypotheses (1 page) State your hypotheses (if quantitative) or research questions (if qualitative)
  • Methods (3 pages) State how you are going to test your hypotheses or explore your research questions.  Explain in your methods section how you would set up a research study, collect the data, and analyze them. In the discussion section explain how you would interpret your findings and what implications your findings have for the field of social work.
  • Sample (2 pages) Explain your research design, how you will recruit a sample, how you will collect data, and analyze them
  • State the statistical analysis that you would use and show how you would statistically analyze the findings of your research study OR explain how you would analyze your study using qualitative methods.
  • Results (2 pages) Report what  findings you think/expect you will find and include two tables of your expected “findings”
  • Discussion (1 page) Explain how your research study’s design addressed the original social problem you discussed in the introduction, how your methods grew from the lit review, how your design addressed your hypotheses, and how your findings contributed to the field of social work. Also compre your expected results with the findings from the literature and discuss consistencies and inconsistencies, as neede.
  • Reference page: (1 page) Include APA-style references that list the articles in your literature review.

Competency 1:

Engage in ethical conduct and decision-making

Make ethical decisions by applying standards of the National Association of Social Workers’ (NASW) Code of Ethics

In your methods section describe how you would set up a research study showing how you would recruit, treat, and evaluate research participants in an ethical way.


In your description of how you would carry out your research describe how NASW’s Code of Ethics applies to your use of your findings in social work practice.












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