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6. A bond with a face value of $1,000 that sells for more than $1,000 in the market is called a:

            A)   Par bond.

            B)   Discount bond.

            C)   Premium bond.

            D)   Zero coupon bond.

            E)   Floating rate bond.



      7.   The long-term bonds issued by the United States government are called:

            A)   Treasury bonds.

            B)   Municipal bonds.

            C)   Floating rate bonds.

            D)   Junk bonds.

            E)   Zero coupon bonds.


      8.   A bond that makes no coupon payments (and thus is initially priced at a deep discount to par value) is called a _______ bond.

            A)   Treasury

            B)   municipal

            C)   floating rate

            D)   junk

            E)   zero coupon


      9.   A bond which, at the election of the holder, can be swapped for a fixed number of shares of common stock at any time prior to the bond's maturity is called a _____________ bond.

            A)   zero coupon

            B)   callable

            C)   putable

            D)   convertible

            E)   warrant



    10.   The annual coupon payment of a bond divided by its market price is called the:

            A)   Coupon rate.

            B)   Current yield.

            C)   Yield to maturity.

            D)   Bid-ask spread.

            E)   Capital gains yield.


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