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Topic: Allies and Transformational Psychology
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Topic: Allies and Transformational Psychology

Question/Prompt: Choose 1 of the four prompts below on which to comment.


  1. Jones (2010) asserts, “Every meaningful research question in psychological science presumes some understanding of what we are (metaphysics) and how we should be (ethics).” Explain why this idea is important and describe some practical examples.
  2. Entwistle noted that “theological reflection typically focuses more on God’s workings in the world,” while “psychological reflection typically focuses more on the workings of God’s world.” What implications does this have for the relationship between psychology and Christianity?
  3. Kepler saw astronomers as “priests of Almighty God” who have “the honour of standing guard…at the door of the shrine at whose high altar Copernicus performs divine service.” How might this sentiment apply to all of us who study the book of God’s Works? How can we heed Kepler’s warning to “not consider the glory of our intellects, but the glory of God” in our academic and disciplinary pursuits?
  4. According to the Transformational model, we redefine the science of psychology, effectively providing a unified “science” and psychology of reality, allowing the nature of the object to determine the methodologies for learning about that object. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this model?


Reply: For your reply, respond to 1 classmate’s post who chose a different prompt than yourself, identifying at least 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses in his/her reasoning as well as 1 question that comes to mind based on that classmate’s post.

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