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Communication assignment
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1. Read the Reading

2.Use information from the reading to help you answer the four questions

3. Required: A minimum of 6 references to the Reading. Show evidence of this by using parenthetical citations at the point of each reference. Example: Best practices in CSR communication include listening to your different communities (p. 6).


Use the lessons in your Reading to help you answer these questions. Number your answer

that responds to each question. Minimum 75 words per answer. Overall, minimum of 6

(references). Overall minimum word count: 300.

1. What benefits are these local businesses missing from failing to communicate their good works?

2. What various methods / tactics should the businesses use to communicate their good works?

3. Recommend a specific communication tactic for one of the businesses, based its current CSR


4. Recommend a specific NEW CSR initiative (not a communication tactic, but some type of new

CSR activity) for a specific business, explaining why you recommend it


Due  in  2 hours

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