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Due Week 10:  160 points


Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are used in classrooms and companies all over the world each and every day. They are used to share information, gain support, move projects forward, and sell! Knowing how to put together a presentation that is engaging, focused, and clear is a challenge that many of us face. The Graham Seeby Group uses multimedia presentations to pitch properties… and now you will pitch the overall plan for solving your

problem. In this assignment, you will use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a multimedia presentation showcasing what you learned about your problem. Think of this as your chance to present your plan to your instructor and others who may be interested in this topic.


Follow the steps below to create your presentation:

  1. Select a theme for your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and save it as  Firstname_Lastname_ Assignment4_CIS105.ppt
  2. Create a title slide that states the problem you are solving. Include your name and a relevant graphic on the title slide.
  3. Create at least three (3) slides introducing and explaining your identified problem.
    1. State the problem you selected and why you chose it.
    2. Recap the process you used to research your identified problem.
    3. Share what you see as the cause of the problem and potential impacts it may be having.
  4. Create at least three (3) slides introducing and explaining the plan you would implement to solve the problem.
    1. List several of your top potential solutions.
    2. Describe the key solution you would implement.
    3. Outline the steps and actions you would take to put your plan into action.
  5. Create at least two (2) slides outlining your evaluation of the plan after implementation.
    1. Outline at least three (3) action steps you would take to evaluate the success of your plan.
    2. Explain what types of tools you might use in your evaluation (i.e. surveys, in-person interviews, tests, etc.)
    3. Explain your evaluation criteria (i.e. How will you know if the solution was a success? How will you know when the problem is solved?)
  6. Use design and multimedia elements to enhance your presentation.
  1. Use a clean font style and content layout within the presentation.
  2. Use minimal text on each slide.
  3. Use audio or video narration to present your slides.

Hint: With PowerPoint 2016 on your student laptop, you have the ability to record audio from within PowerPoint and include it in the presentation. You can also upload previously recorded audio files into your PowerPoint presentation instead. If you have access to a headset microphone, we recommend you use it for recording your audio, as the quality will be improved. If not, you may use your laptop’s internal microphone to record your audio narration. Please try to record from a quiet environment with little to no background noise. Please keep audio narration brief (less than 60 seconds per slide) and keep your presentation to twelve (12) or less slides, in order to prevent large file size and uploading issues. If you are unable to provide audio narration for your presentation, you should still include the textbased narration in the Speaker Notes area of each slide

  1. Use quality graphics/images within the presentation.
  2. Use effective animations within the presentation.
  3. Use at least one (1) additional multimedia tool within presentation (i.e. embedded video, embedded website, SmartArt, etc.)


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