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CIS 106 Week 5 Discussion: Selecting and Connecting Peripheral Hardware Devices and Using Drivers
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"Selecting and Connecting Peripheral Hardware Devices and Using Drivers"  Please respond to the following:

This week, we're learning more about selecting and connecting peripheral hardware devices, and the drivers that allow them to communicate with the operating system.
  1. In a few sentences, post a couple of things that really stood out to you when you were in your labs. What did you learn that you didn't know before? How do you think this information will help you now and in your career? Where do you think you might use a KVM in the industry?
  2. When you've completed your labs, return here to the discussion and see what others are saying about Question #1 above. Reply to your classmates and share your thoughts on their posts.
  3. Additional post option: If you plug in a USB device and nothing happens in Windows, what are some things you might check to assess why the device isn't being recognized?

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