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BMGT 464-Organizational Behavior Assignment 3: Organizational Level of Analysis Instructions
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Seeking assistance with original solution -tutorial support.  

-Must be in APA format in accordance with attached instructions and rubric.  References attached.

-Must use case sudy template  (attached).

-Must be original. 


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    Analysis of Organizational Performance
    BMGT464 Final Project Analysis of Organizational Performance, Inc. Submitted by Student Name Submitted to: Teacher Name   I. Introduction The following report will be based on the online company retailer of, Inc., Inc. is a Seattle based company that was founded in 1994, but launched publicly in 1997, by Jeff Bezos (Hall, 2012). The starting goal of, Inc. was to be a competitor in the bookselling business by offering a range of customer-friendly options when it came to buying books. Now,, Inc. has become a major corporation around the world selling items from books to laptops, home products, and more. This is an analysis at the organizational le
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