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Two Part essay 1. Quote dealing with history 2.Why we study history
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Your written assignment is a two part essay which will total 600-900 words ( 2-3 pages) words in length. You need to follow either Chicago Manual Style, APA, MLA (You may use any, I know them all) and you need to have a bibliography.

You will also have a cover page with this assignment including, title, class, your name and professor's name. This is not included in the word count.

The directions for this two part essay is as follows:

You need to find a quote dealing with history. You are to put this quote in your paper and its source. Once you have done this, you need to explain what the quote means to you. Does it have relevance today.

Secondly, in the second half of this paper you are to discuss why we study history. In this second part, y
ou are required to give historical examples, minimum 2.

You are required to have a minimum of 2 sources, one for your quote and one on "Why we study history."


A Short Paper Assignment allows you, early in the course, to demonstrate your research skills to your instructor and to receive feedback that will benefit you when you write your research paper. With this assignment, you will learn how to do proper and adequate research and write a short paper and prepare you for writing the research paper.

This short paper is at least three double-spaced pages of text (Times New Roman, font size 12) and you must consult a minimum of two academically credible sources.

The short paper needs to be turned in through the assignment section for grading. If you use any of the information from your sources word-for-word, you must cite the source by using endnotes or footnotes. If you read the information and write it in your own words and it is not common knowledge, then you must cite the source because you are paraphrasing someone's information.

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    Why we study history
    The Role of History as a Guide for Future Actions One of the most famous quotes about history comes from the Spanish-born American George Santayana, who said that “those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (Santayana, 1905). I believe that what Santayana meant was that history serves as a l
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