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MGT 305: diversity as a business asset
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In our final assignment, you will illustrate how human behavior, the many areas of diversity, our legal system, marketing, and HR concepts are relevant to understanding and managing diversity in the workplace


Assignment Details:


Write a 1,000-word paper.  Consider all your readings this week, and throughout this entire course.  Then answer the following questions:


1.      Apple has a unique corporate culture and has enjoyed a lot of success.  Apple obviously leverages diversity in many ways!  Provide 3 benefits that Apple gains through their diversity practices.  Explain.


2.      Should diversity be a top priority for business success?  Why or Why not?  Ensure you cite research to validate your answer.


3.      Name two ways in which diversity strengthens a team or company.  Also, name two ways in which a lack of diversity could weaken a company.  Explain each.


Submission Requirements:


·         APA format is required, which includes:

o   Title page

o   12pt. font in Times New Roman and double-spaced

o   Reference page, with in-text citations

·         Entire paper length should be 1,000 words or more; the answer to each question should be over 300 words each. 

·         Include an introduction and conclusion (included in word count!)


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    MGT 305: diversity as a business asset
    MGT 305: diversity as a business asset Name: MBA 5501 Professor: Institution: Date:   Diversity as a Business Asset Introduction The world’s extensive globalization needs more interaction among individuals from diverse credentials. People no longer live and work in a limited area; they are now part of a globe economy rival within a global framework. For instance, profit and non-pro
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