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A query from the database that returns all of the servers that have status of production
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UNIT-1  3

A connection to a database;        4

A query from the database that returns all of the servers that have status of production.              5

An insert into the database that adds a new server to the table with ("PERLBD4",, "Development")              6

An update to the database that changes PERLDB2 from development status to production status             7

A delete on the database that removes the record information for PERLDB1.      7

UNIT-2  8

Description of the command this will show the  8

How to invoke the commands through Perl and why (System, Exec or Backticks 8

code showing how you would use the command              8

Find all servers with CPU utilization above (>) 90%.          10

Find the average memory usage for all servers. 11

Show the server with the most memory utilization.         11

Show the server with the least amount of disk free.        12

Analysis                15

UNIT-3  15

identify modules from CPAN that can support a graphical user interface (GUI), network protocol, and database adapters.                15

In your analysis, demonstrate how these modules will make interacting with the system more human-friendly in support of maintaining servers in the data center.  15

Describe how you will practically interact with CPAN to install the modules that you have identified.        16

Syntax  16

Executes system commands to retrieve system metrics like CPU utilization          16

Reads information from a flat file and then inserts into a database           17

Connects to a database and retrieves reporting information        18

UNIT-4  20

The strengths and weakness of a GUI and a scripting approach. 20

Combined approach be considered that uses both GUIs and scripts?       20

Recommendations for the following use cases. 21

Execute a backup job that runs every night at 1 a.m.       21

Create user accounts on a system that is typically performed by a person.            21

Execute a job that runs every 5 minutes, and that checks for disk free space and sends an alert if the available disk space is less than 10%.   21

Summary 1-3     22

CREATE Table     23

INSERT Add new records,             23

DELETE Remove old records,       23

UPDATE Modify records that are already there. 23

SELECT Find all the records that have a certain property,                23

Using system () 24

using Exec ()       24

Using backticks (``)          24

Code Reuse .pm File       25

UNIT-5  26

Split function.    26

Chomp function.              27

Chop fucntion.  27

For-loop               28

parse data in Perl.            30

References         33


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    A query from the database that returns all of the servers that have status of production
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