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Assignment 1. Do managers and employees use certain words and phrases to describe the be- havior of people in the organization? Are any stories about events or people typi- cally used to describe the way the organization works? (Hint: Look at the com- pany’s Web page.) 2. How does the organization socialize employees? Does it put them through formal training programs? What kind of programs are used, and what is their goal? 3. What beliefs and values seem to characterize the way people behave in the organ- ization? How do they affect people’s behavior? 4. Given the answers to the first three questions, how would you characterize the or- ganization’s culture and the way it benefits or harms the organization? How could the culture be improved? 5. Can you find a written statement of the organization’s stance on social responsi- bility? Are there stories in the press about the company? If there are, what do they say?
Again, the paper should be approximately 3 to 4 pages long, double spaced. The use of APA formatted citations is required. This week, in summary, you will be describing the culture of the organization using the terms and concept drawn from this Unit.
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