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Create a PowerPoint presentation, with at least 3 images of the artist's work, examining your selected artist's development into abstraction that responds to the following:

Selected artist - Arthur Dove

  • How and why did this artist's abstraction develop? (Show the works in chronological order to emphasize the changes.)
  • What subjects were present in your artist's abstract works? Describe each example from the artist.
  • Why did this artist choose to work in this style? To what influences were he or she responding to from Europe, and how was his or her own exploration of abstraction meaningful to him or her?
  • What is your own response to this artist's work? (You must describe your response in detail, not just saying you "liked" or "did not like" the work. What is it about the work in general, or some paintings in particular, that led to your opinions?)

Format your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines. This means a title  slide, a completely formatted reference  slide, and all appropriate in-text citations or credits.

Grammar, spelling, and syntax count, so proofread carefully.

Please include detailed readers notes. 

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