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MPM344-1304A-01 Project Risk Management IP3 A+ rated
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Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday and late submissions will be  assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based  on midnight Central Time.


For this assignment, you will utilize some of the same decision processes and responses that you gave for the Discussion Board assignment to determine a response for each of the risks that you have already identified in the previous weeks. For the higher priority risks, make sure the responses minimize the risks as much as possible.

You will be adding columns to your table (similar to this example) that you started in Week 2.

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    MPM344-1304A-01 Project Risk Management IP3 A+ rated
    Table of Contents i. Project Outline i.1. Project Description i.2. Project Milestones i.2.1.1. Past Milestones i.2.1.2. Future Milestones ii. Risk Management Justification ii.1. Letter to Project Sponsor ii.2. Risk Management Steps ii.2.1. Risk Management Planning ii.2.2. Identifying Risk Events ii.2.3. Qualitative Risk Analysis ii.2.4. Quantitative Risk Analysis ii.2.5. Risk Response Planning ii.2.6. Risk Monitoring and Control ii.3. Risk Management Step Diagram iii. Project Risks Identification i. Report on Stakeholders/Project Teams Utilized to Identify Risks. ii. 8 types of risks i.1.1.1. Technical Risks i.1.1.2. Equipment Risks i.1.1.3. Costs Risks i.1.1.4. Staff Risks i.1.1.5. Schedule/Delivery Risks i.1.1.6. Programmatic Risks i.1.1.7. Client Risks i.1.1.8. Scope Risks iv. Project Risks Assessment iv.1. Risks Probability Matrix iv.2. Risks Assessment Chart v. Project Risks Responses Strategy v.1. Determine Type of Risk Response v.1.1.1. Avoid Risk v.1.1.2. Transfer Risk v.1.1.3. Mitigate Risk v.1.1.4. Accept Risk v.2. Specific Risk Response v.2.1.1. Vendor Not Performing v. Transfer Risk v.2.1.2. Equipment is Late v. Avoid Risk v.2.1.3. Project Location is Hurricane Prone v. Transfer Risk v.2.1.4. Underestimated Effort to Complete Task v. Mitigate Risk vi. Project Risks Responsibility Plan vi.1. Risks Responsibility Matrix Project Outline Project Description The I-73/I-74 extension corridor had been discussed many times during the late nineteen 80’s and early nineteen 90’s. There were numerous issues that arose with the project that prevented it from actually making it to committee in order to debate and either reject or approve the project. It wasn’t until 1991 that the project was finally given the green light in preparation for the next set of steps that would eventually lead to breaking ground. The purpose of the corridor is to add a highway extension that would
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