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The President of the company has asked you to prepare a final presentation for the Executive Management Team. You are presenting the final presentation to Executive Management of the organization who will make a go or no-go decision on your proposed solution. Your presentation should include the potential benefits and close estimation of the expected costs associated with your proposed solution. The President of the company indicates the Executive Management Team should have a clear understanding of the project.

The President of the company reminds you the Executive Management Team has various levels of knowledge relating to technology but asks that you deliver the presentation to encompass a solid understanding for all members of the Executive Management Team. The President of the company wants the Executive Management Team to be onboard with a good understanding of the proposal to avoid scope creep or failure of the project.

Your presentation should include the following:

    • Provide an introduction, background and indicate the problem identified including the significance of the problem and the impact on the business.
    • Provide an analysis of why the proposed solution provides a solution for the business.
    • Break down the project scope, including estimated costs of the proposed solution.
    • Define the plan of action for implementing the proposed solution including proposed timelines and impacts on the business.
    • Outline how the proposed solution will prevent scope creep and stay in line in terms of implementation schedule, estimated costs, and align with the company’s strategic vision.
    • Provide a clear analysis of any benefits / drawbacks of the proposed plan to the organization including why the solution is being proposed.
    • Validate the proposed solution and why this solution is the best solution for the organization.
    • Conclude your presentation easing the minds of Executive Management and summarizing the key points of the proposed solution and how the proposed solution benefits the company as a whole.
    • Provide specific examples to detail your presentation.

Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics as well as "speaker notes" for each slide. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists. Support your presentation with at least five (5) scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources may be included. Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style where appropriate.

Length: 12-15 slides (with a separate reference slide).

Notes Length: 100-150 words for each slide.



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