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Case Study, Part I
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Prepare an EARTHQUAKE analysis of Steps 1 through 3 of the MAPP Strategic Plan initiatives and apply at least three quality and/or risk management concepts, measures, and tools in your paper. (Plagiarism Free Work Only)

Your paper must be three to five double-spaced pages (excluding the title and reference pages). In addition to the text, utilize a minimum of two scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years. Your paper and all sources must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

The MAPP process includes six steps (NACCHO 2010): This is the first 3 steps

1.          Organizing for Success: This step involves organizing the planning process and developing partnerships.

2.         Visioning: The visioning step engages stakeholders in a collaborative, creative process of developing a shared community vision with common values.

3.         Conducting Community Assessments: Four community assessments provide information about internal and external environmental trends relevant to the community:

•        Community Themes and Strengths Assessment: Identifies local community interests, perceptions about quality of life, and assets.

•        Local Public Health System Assessment: Appraises the capacity of the local public health system to conduct essential public health services.

•        Community Health Status Assessment: Analyzes data about health status, quality of life, and risk factors.

•        Forces of Change Assessment: Identifies changing external forces and dynamics of the community and the local public health system.


Our Text for this class

Jr., L. Fleming F. Managing Health Organizations for Quality and Performance. Jones & Bartlett Learning, 20120224. VitalBook file.

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